The first rule of a successful adoption is to create a dynamic team comprised of key stakeholders and the right people that can drive and effect change in others. A successful adoption strategy starts with a team of committed individuals representing a cross-section of your organization. Key stakeholder roles include an Executive Sponsor, Success Owners, and Champions.

Executive Sponsors are key leaders within the organization and their participation is essential in driving employee adoption. They have the greatest influence on company culture and can actively communicate the value and benefits of a new technology and way of working throughout the organization.

Success Owners are responsible for ensuring people use the service and get value from it. Setting Success Owners within your organization is important to ensure the business goals set for Office 365 are realized.

Gaining buy-in from every user across an organization is a challenge. Champions can help alleviate this challenge and play an important role in the adoption of Office 365. They are knowledgeable, committed to furthering their expertise and are willing to provide peer coaching and assistance. They help translate Office 365 into the reality of their department or team.

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Use the following resources to craft a vision statement and identify and secure stakeholder support for your plan.