Office 365 Roadmap

The Office 365 Roadmap lists updates that are currently planned for applicable subscribers. Updates are at various stages from being in development to rolling-out to customers to being generally available for applicable customers world-wide.

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Admins can determine a list of domains that their users can share with or a list of those that they can’t share with.
A new Archive button will be added to Outlook 2016 on Windows, allowing users to quickly move messages out of their inbox to a folder of their choice. The user will be asked to choose their Archive folder on first use of this feature. This update will make the Archive feature available on Windows, just as it is on  iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile and the web.   
Browse and join Office 365 Groups right from within Outlook 2016. Previously, existing Groups were visible in Outlook, but in order to browse and join  new groups, a user needed to use Outlook on the web.
Teachers can create and grade assignments in your Class Notebook that show up in their Learning Management System (LMS) or the new Microsoft Classroom. We are announcing over 25 partners that have committed to working with OneNote, with nine going live today and many more coming soon in future updates to the add-in. To see the current list of committed education partners, please visit our new OneNote Education Partners page. In addition to assignment and grading integration, based on feedback we’ve heard from teachers, we have many other improvements to make their lives a little bit easier.
When using Content Search Export to identify the data you need, you can export that data to local computer. You can export the results from searching tens of thousands of mailboxes, and export up to 100GB of data in a single export. The Export feature includes new advantages such as maintaining the metadata when SharePoint documents are downloaded, no additional permissions setup required, and two factor authentication support.
Delve Analytics is a new set of capabilities coming to Delve for E5 customers, or as an add-on to E1/ E3 subscriptions. Delve Analytics will enable individuals and organizations to get time back and spend it more effectively. The capability leverages insights available within Office 365 communications and collaborations data to enable an Outlook add-in to understand reach and impact of emails, and a personal dashboard to provide personalized insights into time and relationships.
Designer, a feature that will essentially allow you to deliver beautiful and impactful presentations with little to no experience. With Designer it's like having a professional designer in the trenches with you, providing suggestions on layout and imagery placement, all with a few clicks of your mouse or swipe of your finger.
DLP Policy Tips in Office Clients will allow end users in the rich desktop office clients (Excel, Word, PPT) to view notifications when working with sensitive information in the context.
Currently in public preview; The ability to import data into Office 365 in a quick and easy manner has been a known constraint of Office 365, and a solution for this issue has emerged as a key request from customers. We are working on a solution that will allow quicker imports of data into Exchange Online Archive Mailboxes.  You will now be able to import Exchange Online data through PST files into the service without using third party tools.   Drive Shipping and Network Based Ingestion options will use Azure-based services to import data.  Over time we will be extending this to other data types across Office 365.
Organize your eDiscovery work into cases. Case permissions control who has access to the case, so team members can lock down sensitive activities that other investigators should not see.
Maximize Outlook on your screen to view multiple messages or invitations side by side.
FastTrack Center (FTC) now offers adoption planning services to help customers initiate the use of Office 365 and drive value from the service. The activities will add to the existing onboarding services already offered by the FastTrack Center. These capabilities are detailed in the FastTrack Center Benefit for Office 365 (
FastTrack Center will offer file migration services from the Box service as a new benefit provided by the FastTrack Center. Migration of your data in the Box service to OneDrive for Business will be offered. This migration service will be available to customers with 150+ seats of eligible Office 365 plans.
The FastTrack Center is expanding the number languages customers can receive assistance in. This change adds Simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese as available languages. The FastTrack Center will now provide assistance in these languages.
Power BI onboarding support will be provided by the FastTrack Center service. This service will include support for onboarding customers who purchase the Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan or a stand-alone Power BI plan.​ This will include the FastTrack Center core onboarding activities as outlined in the FastTrack Center benefit description.
You can more easility find conference rooms availableat your desired meeting time
Use the new funnel chart to track values across a multi-stage process, such as customer conversion of a website or sales pipeline performance. Feature is first being rolled out to Excel 2016 for Windows and Excel Mobile for Windows.
This feature simplifies  resolving conflicts when coauthoring. You can choose between two versions of the conflicting slides, your changes or others' changes, instead of sifting   through the individual conflicts.
This update to Outlook 2016 will dramatically streamlines the discovery and acquisition of add-ins. Today, When clicking the "Store" button in the Outlook ribbon, user are taken to and have to enable the add-in in Outlook on the web. After this update, users will see an in-client experience that will allow them to browse and install add-in without leaving Outlook.
From the OneDrive app, Discover view uses the Office Graph to suggest relevant and trending files from Office 365. The Discover view suggests content that is most relevant for each person based on the work they are doing and the people with whom they engage.
New Learning Tools from OneNote will help individuals with learning needs be able to use the product better and help them in education settings; including improved ability to read
In November 2015, all Lync Room System software will be updated to the Skype Meeting experience of Skype for Business. This updated user experience will be released as part of the November Cumulative Update.The update will work with Skype for Business Online as well as with both Microsoft Lync Server 2013 and Skype for Business Server 2015. The update does not require any IT Administrator intervention to enable. After the update it is not possible to revert back to the Lync Room System user experience, yet the user interaction will not be different from the original Lync Room Systems user experience.The updates will apply to the Lync Room System hardware of Crestron, Polycom and SMART Technologies.Microsoft will publish more guidance in October to support IT Admins to prepare for the transition and user awareness.
Key updates include:- Insert Picture from Camera (for Word and Excel): "Open the camera directly from Word or Excel and take a picture. Presto! The picture’s in your document."- Opening RTF files (for Word): You can now open rich text format (.rtf) files.- SmartArt Editing (for Excel and PowerPoint on Tablet): Take advantage of SmartArt graphics you know and love from Excel and PowerPoint.- Send as PDF: Quickly share your  Office documents as a PDF file for easy viewing
Key updates include:Insert Picture from Camera (for Word and Excel): Open the camera directly from Word or Excel and take a picture. Presto! The picture’s in your document.Opening RTF files (for Word): You can now open rich text   format (.rtf) files.Sharing is easier (for OneNote): Share your notebook with   anyone right from OneNote, and they can view or edit it on any device.Embed videos (for OneNote): Play your favorite videos from   YouTube, TED, Office Mix, and more in OneNote! Paste the link into a note,   grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show.Storytelling with Sway (for OneNote): Embed interactive,   dynamic content into your notes with Sway – for moments when showing is more   meaningful than telling.Ink Grouping (for OneNote): Right-click   a selection of handwritten notes or drawings to group them together. After   that, it’s easy to move them around as one piece.
Message Center is joining the new Office 365 Admin Center Preview.  It will feature new in context viewing, the ability to rate messages and provide message specific feedback, read/unread status, ability to dismiss messages you've taken action on, and more.  It will roll out in stages and iterated on based on usage and feedback.
New Office 365 app that allows anyone to easily and quickly create basic surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, registrations and more.  Forms authors can invite others to complete forms via a link. Authors can view results as they are submitted via built-in analytics and data can be easily exported to Excel for additional analysis.
The ability from the OneDrive app to access your SharePoint Online files.
This feature is a great example of the Meetings Graph work being done across all of Office. A user attaches one or more files to an invite and they are preloaded to their meeting in the attachments area of the meeting. Once you join the meeting, they are already there. This helps save time allowing for more productivity. This feature does require Office 365 at this time. By default this service is on – Administrators can set a policy to turn it off.
We’ve improved the timeline view in Project Online so you can now have multiple timeline bars in a single view and you can set the date range for timeline bars so they can represent only a specific phase of your project.
Visio currently supports AutoCAD until version 2007. Now, Visio will support importing the latest file format versions namely AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2013.  Additionally, customers will be able to   import massive AutoCAD files of manufacturing facilities or layout faster and   at the right scale.  Adding shapes, elements and configurations, Visio makes facility and space management a lot easier and collaborative.  
Choose from more fonts and colors, more styles for bulleted and numbered lists, and better hyperlinks. Use Autocorrect. Resize and format pictures while composing.
Yammer is making a number of changes to the group experience to help users work more effectively in their groups. Up first, the new default landing experience returns users to the last group they visited, rather than the home feed, to to deliver continuity in their group experience. Inside each group, the new group destination shows all unread group conversations in a separate tab; dynamic indicators show when users have viewed these messages.Next up: each group will also provide an inbox view to show priority messages within the context of the group experience. Additionally, group admins will now have an onboarding process to help newly created groups off to a successful start.
Admins can filter receiving push notification for messages based on category: Stay Informed, Plan for Change, and Prevent and Fix Issue
The beta version of the Office 365 Admin app for Windows 10 is now available. The universal app is available for both Windows 10 Desktop and Mobile enabling you to administer Office 365 directly from your desktop.
Gain enhanced visibility and control into your Office 365 environment with the built in advanced threat detection alerts of Office 365 Advanced Security Management. 
When you create an Office 365 Group, users have two privacy options: public (anyone can access the Group's content) and private (only approved members can access the Group's content). This update enables Group owners to change the privacy setting  from public to private or vice versa by editing the Group properties in your favorite browser.
Users can now easily add all the members from an existing distribution list (DL) to an Office 365 Group by simply entering the name of the DL in the group add member dialog in Outlook on the web.
Larger organizations use separate email domains to reflect different parts of their businesses. Office 365 Groups that are created by users in one domain will share that domain (as opposed to using a common domain across the tenant). Administrators now also have control to create groups in a specific domain of their choosing.
With the recent launch of new security features in Office 365, such as Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Device Management, we are expanding the mission of the Office 365 Compliance Center, and in turn, are renaming it the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center. We’ve also redesigned the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center, with a new user experience that is more intuitive, informative, scalable and insightful. 
New reporting dashboard in the Office 365 Admin Center. The dashboard will provide you with valuable insights about how the Office 365 services are being used and delivers details down to the individual user level directly in the new Office 365 admin center. The first version of the reporting portal includes a variety of new reports that provide consistent insights across all Office 365 services with a highly improved user experience. Enhancements include a new Activity Dashboard, new usage reports and the ability to drill down on individual user activities.
Office 365 settings experience will be updated to include contextual settings within the right hand pane of the Office 365 web experience. These contextual settings will include workload specific settings as well as Office 365 settings including theme and start page. The settings pane will include a search box to quickly search all settings, and a link to a full immersive settings experience that includes all Office 365 settings.
It will be possible to select one of several auto-generated thumbnails to represent your video. Thumbnails come from throughout your video. You, too, will be able to manually upload your own graphic image to represent a video.
We’ll support uploading subtitle files in the webvtt format. You can upload a different subtitle file per different language. We’ll also do work to attribute the text in the subtitle file back to the original video so you can find videos from enterprise search based off what’s said in the video.
Archive in Outlook 2016 for Mac supports Exchange/, Gmail, and other IMAP providers. New triage action for email which moves the mail to “Archive” folder.
Administrators have the ability to define a list of file types that will be actively blocked from sync functions (upload and download).
The user can put sync functions on hold rather than having to stop and restart the client when sync is not required.
Office 365 work and school users can easily browse and add their most recent files from OneDrive for Business into Sway. 
The OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC) will now be supported on Windows 8.1. The first release of NGSC supported Windows 7, 8 and 10.
We're happy to launch new iOS features for OneNote. iPad only: Move content on the canvas, resize and rotate images, support for Apple Pencil on 9.7" iPad ProiPhone: Resize, rotate, and move images.
Now all you need to get going with OneNote is an org id (work or school) account, no need to first sign in with a Microsoft Account (MSA)
Now all you need to get going with OneNote is an org id (work or school) account, no need to first sign in with a Microsoft Account (MSA)
Yammer is updating the inbox for teamwork by providing better structure and workflow. As part of this, we're organizing inbox messages by group, introducing group bulk actions with the ability to mark a group as read, replacing "Mark as Unread" with "Read Later" that lets users flag messages for follow up for better workflow, and showing unread messages and messages marked "Read Later" as separate tabs within the inbox. We're also separating direct messages from group conversations in the inbox. Finally, we're streamlining the inbox by removing duplicate content that have been viewed elsewhere.
Modern authentication support for O365 accounts. Support for two step authentication.
View & reply to a poll on Yammer iOS from directly within the app.
PowerPoint Online continues to improve in the following ways. Better formatting, faster slide interaction & inclusion of more symbols. 
Project Online will provide multiple PPM reports based on industry best practices, giving you visibility and insight into your portfolio of projects and resources.
Project Online portfolio dashboard for iPad will provide multiple PPM reports based on industry best practices, giving you visibility and insight into your portfolio of projects and resources.
Using Compliance Search you can search and place holds on all public folders in your organization.
Outlook now fully supports Arabic and Hebrew, including right-to-left layout and editing.
Safety Tips in Office 365, is an additional layer of protection for all users that provides a warning to the user in an email that is marked suspicious, or a reassurance when a message is safe.
Outlook for iOS & Android will be able to view, send files from and save attachments to OneDrive for Business in the Files tab. Today, Outlook works with OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive & iCloud.
Search your Yammer networks from within the Yammer iOS app.
The OneDrive for Business Sync client will offer a simplified setup that will include taking over the sync functionality of Groove without having to re-sync
Your intranet in your pocket, spanning Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint. The new SharePoint mobile app enables access to sites, portals, documents, lists, people and beyond – all stored and managed in SharePoint and SharePoint Online. You can also have multiple accounts, and can easily switch between them. This new app is infused with intelligence from the Office Graph to help you navigate more quickly and smarter to sites, content and people that matter to you the most. The Sites tab takes you to your Sites, Recent sites and Followed sites where you can keep up with site activity, navigate using quick launch, or see recent files. The Links tab takes you to sites and portals programmed for everyone in the company. And a People tab, giving you access to the people you work with and visibility into what they are working on. And Search is available throughout with clean results filtered by sites, files and people. The SharePoint mobile app comes first to iOS, followed by versions for Windows and Android in H2 CY 2016. 
New usage reports for SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business and Yammer, give IT greater visibility into usage across these services in Office 365.
The Sites page, when a user clicks on the "Sites" tile in the app launcher, will get improvements. There will be a new section on the page called "Recent sites" - giving you a list of Office 365 sites you've recently visited, plus an update to the query that drives the "Suggested sites" section of the page; this now will leverage the Office Graph to provide a great level of relevancy to the sites being suggested to users.
The Skype for Business App SDK Preview provides native Android and iOS APIs for embedding Skype for Business audio and video capabilities into mobile and tablet applications. For the initial preview release, this SDK enables remote advisor experiences built upon Skype for Business. Similar to the Web SDK, the App SDK may be used with both Skype for Business Online and Skype for Business Server.
Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition connect an on-premises PBX or PSTN circuit with Skype for Business Cloud PBX operating in Office 365.  This allows customers to deploy the Cloud Connector Edition on-premises, connect it to their existing PSTN operator, and have it operate for calls made by users enabled with Cloud PBX.
Users now have the option to start an instant message conversation with one or several colleagues right from the their browser. Conversations provide you with real time, direct access to the information you need directly from your colleagues and are persist across applications. This experience is available in Office 365 Outlook Web Access and, over time, will be accessible across Office 365 web applications via the persistent Skype icon on top navigation bar.
The new Skype for Business Mac client will be available for Preview stage 1 including meeting functionality.
New styles are now available in the Sway iOS app, so you have more design and layout options to choose from when creating your presentations, reports, and stories. 
Easily switch among different Sway accounts within the iOS app, without having to log in and out of each of them every time.
Right-click on the Sway app in the Windows taskbar to access the most recent Sways you've viewed. You can also pin your favorite Sways to the taskbar, so they'll always show up in the Jump List.
While in Sway viewing mode, you can click on the icon that lets you change your navigation layout. This means you can view a Sway horizontally, vertically, or in the familiar presentation mode. 
Delve now incorporates links shared in Yammer so you can discover even more from across Office 365. Soon, Delve will also enable inline conversations so you can share and discuss any content in Yammer directly from within the Delve experience.
The new people profile experience will bring additional information into your profile tab including  each individual in your organization and documents shared with, colleagues working with and working on documents. Existing elements like contact information and organization chart will be visually updated.
User activity reports will allow you to audit SharePoint and OneDrive for Business user actions such as views, edits, deletes, downloaded files, and sharing of files. These reports will be available in the Compliance Center.
The OneDrive app can be used on Windows 10 PCs and the Surface Hub in addition to the Windows Phone. Access, edit and share files without having to sync them to your device. Additional features previously only available in the browser experience are also available.
As Yammer continues the process of redesigning its user experience, Yammer is excited to announce the modification of its user profile picture. Previously, a person's photo was in a square format. But, moving forward, the pictures will now be rounded.This change will start as a/b testing over the next couple of months. Users will not have to do anything to their profile pictures as we go through this process. However, a small population of users who customize their photo to add distinguishing traits will need to be familiar with some technical details. For these users, we recommend that their new profile photos be at least 100x100 pixels and that they keep custom badges within the new circular format
Discovery feed surfaces conversations users might miss from relevant groups, Updates in the Discovery feed clearly identify which groups the conversations come from and provide the ability to quickly navigate to and join the groups users are not already a member of straight from the feed. 
External Groups helps extended teams collaborate closely in Yammer. Users will be able to invite outside participants such as vendors, partners, and customers into a group in their Yammer network.
Yammer groups will have a greater sense of place and be more engaging with a full-width header, a cleaner look to focus attention on high impact activity and content, and a wider feed for team conversations. 
To improve the user experience, Yammer will auto-detect the language on a user's browser setting and apply the correct language to that page. 
As Yammer achieves Tier-C compliance, it will be automatically activated in your Office 365 tenant, just like other Tier-C compliant services such as SharePoint or Exchange
All key properties from Azure Active Directory users will be one way synchronized to Yammer.
Enables customers to satisfy stringent SEC 17a-4 record retention requirements with advanced administrative controls for archiving such as restricting changes to archiving policies and preventing such policies from being turned off or removed.
The Office apps are enterprise-ready. With Android M support for Enterprise and compliance with Android for Work, you can now use the Office Mobile apps in workplaces that require that compliance.
Basic Chat in Skype for Business Online allows instant messaging between users.  Entry point is a Skype icon within the mail experience.
The Delve Analytics personal dashboard will be updated to include meeting habits in the detailed meetings view. These insights will help individuals understand behaviors that may impact meeting effectiveness, such as multi-tasking, double booking, after hours, recurring and long duration.
Within the new Delve profile people experience, Office 365 users will be able to send Praise to their colleagues that will be publically viewable, promoting recognition. In addition, giving someone Praise triggers an email to their manager to promote awareness of their employees' supportive efforts. The Praise then feeds into the broader Delve experience and can be discovered by others who can click Like further supporting and promoting individual recognition within the company.
When reading emails with image attachments, you now see big thumbnail previews, and you see thumbnails in the attachment well when composing an email, too. We also have an improved image side by side view, with improved load timing.
By improving the Yammer notification experience in both email and on mobile, Yammer notifications will become much smarter and easier to triage.
GA version of Learning Tools for OneNote.  Support for more languages, including dictation and text to speech
Office 365 Education includes Microsoft Classroom, a homepage where teachers can manage all of their classes and assignments online. Teachers can manage multiple class sections (like Biology A and Biology B), create or manage assignments and grading, collaborate with other teachers in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), and provide feedback to students with built-in Class Notebooks. In Classroom, students can collaborate with their teachers, their classmates, and access all the materials to be successful in the class even when they are absent. With Sway integrated, teachers can create interactive web-based lessons, assignments, project recaps, newsletters, and more—right from a phone, tablet, or browser— and even embed a quiz with the new Microsoft Forms. Students can access all their assignments on their mobile devices (Classroom app). Office 365 is now optimized for teachers and students along with an integrated platform with the aim of saving teachers time and improving student outcomes. This will be available for US customers only at the time of launch, withother countries added later.
New Office 365 app that allows anyone to easily and quickly create basic surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, registrations and more.  Forms authors can invite others to complete forms via a link. Authors can view results as they are submitted via built-in analytics and data can be easily exported to Excel for additional analysis.
The translation features in Office (Whole Document Translation, Mini Translator, and Research and Reference Pane Translation) have all been improved such that communication with machine translation providers happens over an SSL connection.   The user is notified when content that they are translating is using a machine translation provider (e.g. Bing)..
Multi-factor-authentication (MFA) through integration of ADAL (Active Directory Authentication Library) streamlines sign on for the whole Office suite and layers security through the process in one single sign on.
The version of Outlook that is included in Office 365 Business Premium will now be able to access the Online Archive and Site Mailboxes as well as apply retention tags.
This update brings a fresh new look and feel to the Office 365 welcome page, and enables more consistent and unified experiences for work, education and home users across every device. This new platform also helps us respond to user feedback and deliver innovative new features at a faster pace than ever before.
This is an early peek into the new Office 365 Admin Center Preview. The redesigned Office 365 Admin Center Preview is more intuitive and informative making it easier to complete your administrative tasks.This is a journey and as we continue to add more features and functionality, the admin experience will not only be more delightful to use, but also more insightful and scalable to meet more advanced needs.
Admins will soon have better visibility in how their Office 365 service is being used by their users. This set of reports will include detailed reports for email activity and Office ProPlus.
We’ve implemented policy in Azure Active Directory that allows administrators to restrict group creation to certain users. This ensures that creation of Office 365 Groups through all endpoints can be given to selected users. The existing Exchange Mailbox policy only applies to creation in Exchange, Outlook, or the Outlook Groups mobile app.
We’re working on delivering a customizable classification system for Office 365 Groups that would allow separation of groups by policy type; e.g. unclassified, corporate confidential, or to secret. In this manner, your groups can exhibit the policies of other content in your organization. Extensible policy allows your organization to configure an endpoint that should be called whenever a group is created of changed where you can implement your own policies for group creation or change.
To protect users’ data on-the-go, we’re working on exposing the Outlook Groups mobile apps in Microsoft Intune as policy managed apps. 
We’re releasing scripts to migrate distribution lists (DLs) in Office 365 to Office 365 Groups. The scripts identify eligible DLs and migrate them to groups with the same SMTP address and display name.
By integrating Groups files (stored in a SharePoint document library and surfaced in OneDrive for Business) and Office Delve, users will be able to search content from both public and private groups they are a member of.
You’ll be able to customize the usage guidelines for Office 365 Groups – to educate your users about best practices that help keep their groups effective and their content safe.
Provides IT Admins with the ability to view Office 365 ProPlus, Visio and Project activations as well as Last Activated Date and Device types (desktops (PC,Mac) and phones and tablets (Windows,iOS, and Android)).  Admins can further track users that are enabled but not activated.
Office 365 user purchases is a new feature designed to enable users to get the software they need. Using this new feature an individual in an organization will be able to purchase and individually own a subscription to additional software including Office 365 Pro Plus, OneDrive for Business, Visio and Project available via the Office 365 store.
Office integration is added back to the Next Generation Sync Client for OneDrive for Business including modern attachments, co-authoring, and more.
Office 365 Groups, OneNote, Microsoft Planner and Skype provide a simple and structured way for educators to collaborate in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).  
Developers can find content and code samples that help them build great apps for Project Online. We will be rolling out content to and contributing code samples to the Office Developer GitHub:
We are improving the performance of retrieving the Task by Day information (TaskTimephasedDataSet) from the Project Reporting OData service. Reading the Task by Day information from the Project Reporting OData service will be faster. To take advantage of this improved performance requires no action on the user.
The limit on the # number of site collections with Project Web App enabled, per tenant (currently set at 7) is being removed.
As part of the removal of the "Other" option from Options menu in Outlook on the web, access to the Delivery Reports feature from Outlook on the web is no longer available. The Delivery Reports feature continues to be available from within Outlook. A replacement for this feature, that would be accessible via Outlook on the web, is under consideration for a possible future update. Yet, no commitment, nor future date for such an update, is provided at this time.
School Data Sync, which will be included in Office 365 Education, will mirror user profiles and class rosters from a Student Information System into Office 365.  It models classrooms within Office 365 as Groups and Group sites, so teachers can easily manage classes and class materials.  Our objective is to: help teachers save time by automatically creating groups and enabling single sign on to apps in the classroomhelp schools and districts save money by working with existing technology investments to reduce the time IT admins spend managing groups, troubleshooting, and auditing securityhelp ISVs by providing a single, free, platform and API to connect their applications to SIS datahelp SIS providers by providing a single, free, platform API to connect to LMS and other classroom appshelp increase school and student security and privacy by creating a single, secure source for identity and central control over which data gets shared and where.This will be available for US and Canada customers only at the time of launch, with other countries added later.
The new SharePoint home page web experience enables you to easily get to, find and discover important sites and portals throughout your intranet – online, on-premises and everything in-between. Today, many Office 365 users use the "Sites" page – the 4th most clicked tile in the Office 365 app launcher.  We are modernizing this experience and transforming it into a true home for SharePoint. What was the 'Sites' page is now the 'SharePoint home' and the “Sites” tile becomes the “SharePoint” tile - same logo, redesigned for a modern, responsive user experience. Clicking into the SharePoint Home displays the recent sites and portals you are most active in and following, recommended sites per the Office Graph, plus company-wide sites promoted by your company. From the SharePoint home, you, too, can create new sites - simple and fast. We’ve made huge improvements in the time it takes to create a site (targeting seconds to create), the flow & integrated value so that it naturally leads to the creation of an Office 365 Group in Azure Activity Directory (AAD), as well as establishing compliance controls for site classification.
This document library update builds on the core value people have come to depend on for years, adding a new user experience and capabilities, designed to bring consistency for working on files throughout Office 365 while maintaining the full power of SharePoint document libraries. "Pin to top" helps increase visibility and discoverability for important items. You, too, can "add a link" to bring an item that is located outside the document library. To help you find and manage items, you can sort and filter columns, plus new, real time full-text search results appear directly in the document library experience, plus quick, inline metadata management. And finally, when the team needs to bring in files from OneDrive for Business, or publish files between document libraries, users can click Move to and Copy to move and copy files when they are needed in other locations across Office 365, without generating unnecessary versions of the same files.
The SharePoint Online 'Site contents' page is being redesigned to help site owners, members, and visitors understand the activities occurring within the site, provide visibility on top-viewed content, a site map, and site tips. Think of this as site-level activities and analytics. The new Site contents page provides clear access to add lists, document libraries, subsites and apps. There, too, are now quick buttons to access common actions and deeper site settings, plus you have the ability to return to "Classic SharePoint" which maintains access to previous "Site Contents" user interface.
Office 365 Planner helps users efficiently organize their teamwork. Teams can create new plans, organize and assign tasks, set due dates and update status. Planner also offers the ability to attach documents to specific tasks, edit them together and have conversations around tasks. Planner’s visual dashboards and email notifications help keep everyone informed on the overall progress of their initiative
Add-in only authorization policy for Project Online allows an add-in to request an access token tied to a specific application.  This would allow creation of add-ins which don't necessarily require a user.
We’re improving the App Launcher experience by implementing a broad range of customization options for admins including the ability to hide/show a tile and pin apps to the launcher.
Use your mouse or trackpad to write, draw, and highlight with the tools on the new Draw tab, OneNote for Mac's top feature request
Updates include:Word: Tables built for touch: Working with tables got easier! Touch controls let you resize rows and columnsExcel:  Open CSV files: You can now open comma separated values (.csv) text filesInsert and Edit SmartArt (tablet). Support loading shared Workbooks, files with Hidden workbooks and more.PPT:  Create columns of text.: Split a block of text into easy to read columnsSuperscript and subscript: format your text with superscript and subscriptShared: Commands at your fingertipsEdit with speed! Have quick access to commands that make sense in the moment. 
Key Updates include:Word: View differentiation: Show Page borders and fishbowl when opening into or switching to Print Layout. Reflow - Reset zoom - Be smarter about default zoom level to alleviate view confusion. Shared: Commands at your fingertips: Edit with speed! have quick access to commands when you work with shapes and graphics
Updates include:Word: Tables built for touch.Excel: Support loading CSV files, files with hidden workbooks, files with invalid sheet names, shared workbooks and more. PPT: Create columns of textShared:  Commands at your fingertips(Phone only. W/P only.  Mobile Contextual Toolbar) ,Smart Lookup Enable format painter for SmartArt. 
Users will be able to assign a task to multiple team members in Office 365 Planner.
To accommodate customers who require very, very large archiving storage, you will be able to leverage an auto-expanding, highly scalable archiving. This allows you to take advantage of a truly bottomless archive without needing to call support or perform any manual steps. Through an update to our back-end architecture, we not only enabled auto-expanding archives, but also removed limits on the Recoverable Items store.
When your IT department defines a set of relevant departmental templates in Azure Rights Management (RMS), you can access them from within the relevant Office apps using Information Rights Management (IRM).
Improved spell checking powered by Bing.
Over several updates from July to September, we are adding several highly requested features for the calendar in Outlook for iOS & Android. These include creating and managing recurring meetings, forwarding events, adding Skype for Business links to new meeting invitations and viewing the free/busy information of your colleagues when scheduling a meeting.
Run into questions about your shared doc? Have a quick IM chat with co-authors from within any document.
This new free add-in for the OneNote desktop  is designed to help teachers save time and be even more efficient with their Class Notebooks. The add-in includes page and section distribution, quick review of student work, and easier access to the Class Notebook app. We are newly launching the Preview for Mac and are currently available for PC.
We are adding the following Class Notebook APIs for Public Preview:1) Ability to create "Teacher-Only" section groups in a Class Notebook that only the teacher can see2) Class Notebook permissioning APIs, including - Collaboration space "lock-down" (read-only) - Ability to create sections in the collaboration space that are assigned to specific students for small group work - Ability to hide specific sections in the collaboration space from other groups of students - Ability to make all sections in the collaboration space read-only other than the section you are assigned to by the teacher - Ability to create "turned-in sections" for each student private notebook where the teacher can give feedback on the work but the student can only read, but not change
Collaborate with anyone using PowerPoint Online. A whole classroom can work together in real-time on the same deck.
With the new Compliance Administrator role you can grant people access to important compliance and security features in Office 365. The Compliance Administrator can perform tasks in the Compliance Center such as manage data loss prevention policies, device management policies, and view auditing reports.
Copy and move files between OneDrive and SharePoint in web experiences. We’re rolling out the ability to copy a file from OneDrive to a SharePoint document library. Later this year, we’ll add the ability to move a file as well.
Users will be able to customize Office 365 Planner background to reflect their brand or a general theme.
The ability to create your own sensitive information types that can be used in custom policies within the unified DLP experience (available across Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Office Client applications)
Power Query for Excel, which was a separate downloadable add-in for Excel 2013 and 2010, is fully integrated in Excel 2016. These capabilities, found under the "Get and Transform" section of the Data tab, provide an intuitive and consistent experience for discovering and connecting to a broad range of data sources, including tables in public websites, corporate data in databases and cubes, cloud-based sources like Azure, unstructured data like Hadoop, and services like Salesforce or use web-like searching to discover the data shared across your corporations. Use intuitive options to clean, shape and combine to fit your unique business needs. Missed a step? No problem. The easy-to-use editor allows you to go back and change and reorder your transform steps and quickly reuse them over other sets of data. With one click, refresh your connections so your workbook has the most up-to-date information across all your data sources.
The Delve Analytics Outlook add-in will be updated with a new entry point, new design and improved charting for read stats. The add-in will now be included in the Outlook ribbon, on the far right next to the store icon within the add-ins section. The new vertical design will highlight read stats on the mails you send helping you see patterns of what works and what doesn't. As well as people stats on the mails you receive to help you learn more about your email relationships with stats like volume of email, read rates and response times.
Delve Analytics will start to send users a weekly reminder highlighting progress against goals and recommendations for improved time and relationship management.
Metadata and sensitive data detection details of DLP policy matches will be available via the Management Activity API. This data feed enables incident management scenarios.
Exclude duplicate messages from eDiscovery exports for Exchange data so that you can decrease the size of the export file. 
eDiscovery Export Reports allow you to get accurate statistics of your eDiscovery export prior to executing the export
Expand the scope of your compliance & eDiscovery search by searching on variations of words. For example *drive would find you results with SkyDrive or OneDrive. You can also use asterisks in the middle of a word or at both the beginning and end of a word such as o*drive or *drive*.
Export the results from one or more eDiscovery searches in a single export.  This naturally decreases the duplicated content when overlapping searches would return the same exact document in the same exact location.
Provides users the ability to edit posts after initial posting while maintaining the discussion thread history.
Now you can embed videos, Office Mix, Sway and more straight onto the OneNote canvas
Now you can embed videos, Office Mix, Sway and more straight onto the OneNote canvas
Now you can embed videos, Office Mix, Sway and more straight onto the OneNote canvas
Teachers and students can embed Sways into Microsoft Classroom. Teachers can put in an interactive lesson for students to go though, students can submit their homework in Sway, and educators can post Sway newsletters for parents. 
This feature will allow any student or teacher leaving the district to easily transfer Class Notebooks from Office 365 Education/OneDrive for Business to a consumer/personal OneDrive.  This feature will be surfaced in OneNote Online to allow any device to access the web and use it.  The equivalent of "packing up your books" and copying the content to another location.
Office 365 admin center will be updated to include OneDrive for Business user management
We   are adding 3 UML templates that comply with the latest industry standards:   UML 2.5.  Customers can now create:1)   a UML Component diagram to show components, ports, interfaces and the   relationships between them; 2) a UML Deployment diagram to show the   architecture of a deployment of software artifacts to nodes;3) a UML   Communication diagram to show the interactions between lifelines that use   sequenced messages in a free-form arrangement. 
Outlook enhances your travel experience and helps you keep track of package deliveries.
Support editing and refreshing of workbooks containing Power Views and inserting PivotTables.
Admins will be able to add phishing levels similar to how they set up their spam levels
Office 365 Planner will support task assignment and collaboration with team members who are not a part of the tenant. This helps teams collaborate with their vendors and channel partners effectively.
FastTrack Center will offer file migration services from Dropbox to OneDrive for Business as a new benefit provided by the FastTrack Center. This migration service will be available to customers with 150+ seats of eligible Office 365 plans. Once available, please refer to the FastTrack benefit for Office 365 to review eligibility details.
The Focused Inbox helps you focus on the stuff that matters most. Loved on Outlook for iOS & Android, now available everywhere.
Office 365 Tasks API supports programmatic access to the Planner task data
Planner will have pre-configured custom buckets and tasks to enable PLC planning scenarios.
From the OneDrive app, Discover view uses the Office Graph to suggest relevant and trending files from Office 365. The Discover view suggests content that is most relevant for each person based on the work they are doing and the people with whom they engage.
From the OneDrive app, Discover view uses the Office Graph to suggest relevant and trending files from Office 365. The Discover view suggests content that is most relevant for each person based on the work they are doing and the people with whom they engage.
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for Mac will be available in Korean in November 2015.
Providing a way to quickly reset the Inbox count, (by marking all conversations as read) will allow users to work more effectively in Yammer. 
Message Center is adding the ability to filter notifications based on Office 365 service, such as OneDrive for Business, allowing you to focus on the messages most relevant to you. If English is not your native language, you can now use inline Bing translation to convert a message to a supported language of your choice.  Finally, we’re providing weekly digest emails for Global Administrators that summarize all of the Message Center posts from the last week making it easy for you to stay up to date.
The ability from the OneDrive app to access your SharePoint Online files
The ability from the OneDrive app to access your SharePoint Online files
Office 365 Planner will deliver refined mobile web experience across platforms and will be available as a Windows Universal App.
Using the OneDrive mobile app you can seamlessly take a photo, convert it to a PDF, and store it in OneDrive for Business. This will come first to iOS followed by Android and Windows Phone.
New reports in the Office 365 usage dashboard. We continue to include more reports in the new admin center, including mailbox storage, SharePoint activity, and OneDrive activity, to provide customers with a complete picture of how their organization is using Office 365.
Gain enhanced visibility and control into your Office 365 environment with the built in application discovery dashboard with Office 365 Advanced Security Management. 
Gain enhanced visibility and control into your Office 365 environment with the built in centralized control over applications that can access your Office 365 information with Office 365 Advanced Security Management. 
Office 365 reporting content pack for Power BI enables customers to combine their organization's Office 365 usage data with their organization's user information to provide richer insights into office 365 usage patterns.
Office 365 custom themes will be updated to include more themes overall, the ability for a user to upload their own theme and an option to use Bing images as your theme. Note - tenant level customizations and enforcing org theme over user theme will be unchanged.
We’ll allow end users and administrators to undelete an Office 365 Group and its contents in one action.
Building on the scripts we’re releasing for DL migration, you will soon be able to migrate a DL to a Group directly from the Exchange Admin Center with one click!
To support administrators’ desire to keep their directories clear of stale or inactive content, we’re working on a policy that would expire inactive Office 365 Groups over a definable period of time.
We’ll be exposing Office 365 Groups usage and engagement reports in the Office 365 Admin Center. You will be able to keep tabs on group creation rates as well as usage over time.
Guest access support will enable teams using Office 365 Groups to easily collaborate with external team members (members that are not part of their organization/tenant). Guest users will have access to all of the groups assets: inbox, files, calendar and notebook. We'll introduce a number of administration controls to help you manage guests in Groups.
Enables the ability to indicate that the member list of the Office 365 Group should be hidden from non-members. This is useful in schools for instance where class rosters can’t be exposed to other students/faculty in the school.
Administrators can configure a policy for appending text to the beginning or end of a group name and email address for groups no matter where a group is created (e.g. Outlook, Planner, Power BI, etc.). Administrators can also configure a list of specific blocked words that can’t be used in group names, and rely on the native list of thousands of blocked words to keep their directories clean.
With End user triggered encryption in OWA, end users will be able to directly encrypt messages with Office 365 Message Encryption. Today, it can only be configured with Exchange transport rules by admins, but with this capability end users can encrypt messages directly from OWA using Office 365 Message Encryption
Office 365 Planner, delivered via desktop browser will be fully accessible.
Users will be able to access and use Office 365 Planner as native apps on their  iOS and Android devices.
The Office 365 usage reporting APIs will enable customers to programmatically access the data from the usage reports in the new admin center and integrate it into custom applications like a company reporting portal.
Beyond title and description, Office 365 Video will now track and display who uploaded the video initially. You, too, can associate various people who are in the video to enhance the discoverability of the video and highlight main speakers. This not only provides visual feedback on the player page, it also helps feed an additional layer of information to the Office Graph to inform other people about new content close to relevant people in their network.
Announcing new capabilities with Office Lens for iOS:Multi scanning; scan multiple images in a row and save/send as a seriesRotate scanned images3D touch feature to change modesMulti scanning and rotation features are top-two requests in User Voice
Now you have the power of a scanner right in your pocket! Office Lens will crop, format and improve your notes/whiteboard/business card capturing abilities. Office Lens will work with MSA and O365 Org Id.
Office Online apps can be used more easily by students with disabilities – Visually impaired, hearing impaired, keyboard navigation
Offline Messages for WindowsSendersPhase 1—sender support for Windows desktop usersPhase 2—sender support for other platforms to followReceiversMissed messages can be received on any platform using Skype for Business or email - Messages include links to download clients if needed
We’re adding support for file names that contain ‘%’ or ‘#’ characters.
OneDrive for Business users will be able to share folders using guest and anonymous links. Currently they can only use restricted links after explicitly sharing a folder.
Office 365 admins will be able to set controls to throttle how much network bandwidth is used for OneDrive for Business sync.
This feature allows users who have folders shared with them from other OneDrive for Business users to be able to take those folders offline in the same way they can take their own files and folders offline today.
The ability to sync SharePoint document libraries, including Office 365 groups, is added to the Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC). NGSC will also sync OneDrive for Business Shared Folders.
This allows IT Administrators to easily transfer ownership of Class Notebooks to other teachers if a teacher leaves the district, or for other reasons.The Class Notebook will be migrated and all permissions we be re-provisioned for the new owner
Now you can share a notebook directly from the OneNote for Windows 10 app to work together with others
OneNote is now smarter about natural grouping points of your pen strokes. You can double tap on an ink stroke to grab the word. Triple tap, and OneNote will grab the line or group of ink around a word. You can also right click to group or ungroup a set of strokes. Or use keyboard shortcuts to do all of this too. Useful in organizing and rearranging your inked notes.
Now you can record audio notes on Windows mobile
Rainbow? Glitter? Gold? All new special ink effects with OneNote
End users will be able to open and view OpenDocument files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Mac.
Yammer is updating the Inbox for teamwork by providing better structure and workflow. As part of this, we're organizing inbox messages by group, introducing group bulk actions with the ability to mark a group as read, replacing "Mark as Unread" with "Read Later" that lets users flag messages for follow up for better workflow, and showing unread messages and messages marked "Read Later" as separate tabs within the inbox. We're also separating direct messages from group conversations in the inbox. Finally, we're streamlining the inbox by removing duplicate content that have been viewed elsewhere.
This allow you to access files stored on Microsoft's  OneDrive for Consumer cloud storage when sending attachments in Outlook on the web. This feature will come with an admin switch for companies that do not want to give users access to personal file storage.
In 2014, we announced a redesign of the end-user options menu within Outlook on the Web.  In the new Options menu, we added an "Other" link to an earlier version of end-user options. This “Other” link also gave users access to three options not accessible in the new options menu – Distribution Groups, Delivery Reports, and Site Mailbox settings. Distribution Groups has been added to the "General" group within the new options menu in Outlook on the Web. But, as part of the removal of the "Other" link, Delivery Reports and Site Mailbox settings pages are no longer available in Outlook on the Web.  Delivery Reports is still available from within the Outlook desktop client. A replacement for Delivery Reports, that would be accessible through Outlook on the Web, is under consideration for a possible future update, but no future date for such an update is available at this time. Site Mailboxes and the related app continue to be available in SharePoint.
At the top of the reading pane, will have a chevron that allows you to see all attachments within a thread.  The user can take actions on the attachment such as view, download or open.  Clicking on the attachment will open in a side-by-side view.
OneDrive for Business links pasted into the body of an email will appear with a rich preview thumbnail and useful metadata like title, permissions, and description.
Clicking an inline image in the body of an email will open a side-by side experience with an image viewing pane on the left and a reading pane on the right.  This allows you to cycle through the attached images while taking action on the message in the right pane. 
Office 365 tenant admins can restrict specific users from creating new Plans (or Groups). Also, admins can enforce  naming conventions for Plan names, such as adding a prefix/suffix or enforce a list of blocked words.
Creatively express yourself with in PowerPoint Online with enhanced slide effects, transitions and animations.
PSTN calling gives Office 365 customers the option to give their users the ability to receive and make calls to traditional phone numbers from their Skype for Business clients.  Trial for UK customers announced in March 2016.
Project Online Financials will allow you to work with time-phased cost data and can be used to manage costs, benefits and forecasts, at a project level. 
Project Online mobile apps for team members will allow project participants to perform task level operations such as status updates as well as fill in timesheets.  These apps will be available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
To help organizations better maintain data after employee accounts are disabled, admins will soon be able to assign a deleted user’s Sways to another owner (in bulk). This action can be completed by the admin within one month after a user’s Office 365 work or school account has been deleted. Tenant admins can specify a new owner, who will subsequently receive all of the deleted users Sways in his or her My Sways page.
Developers and end users will be able to add custom ribbon tabs to Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Mac.
Send to Sway from OneNote – did you jot your notes or discussion in OneNote or OneNote Class Notebook and now want to turn them into a school report or team presentation? The OneNote and Sway teams are working to enable you to send all your work from OneNote to Sway within Office 365. With just a few clicks and finishing touches, you’ll be able to transform your notes into a web-based interactive presentation.
This feature will allow large files to be uploaded through the use of our SharePoint APIs in chunks. This will allow the files to be uploaded in multiple transactions to avoid timeouts and provide more reliability to your large file uploads.
Enabling client-side web parts that take full advantage of the SharePoint ecosystem, but are developed by using client-side JavaScript based templating technologies. We will first ship this set of client-side web parts: image / image carousel, embedded video, ListView, document hook); this will be able to included in pages built with the new SharePoint Framework.
Over the years, customers use Lists for everything from tracking engineering bugs to managing event sessions or even to cataloging the t-shirt sizes of everyone on a team; a key tool for sharing data and building lightweight processes. The core of value and power of Lists goes unchanged. This update to SharePoint Online Lists brings a new user expereince, aligned to the look and feel to new modern document libraries experience. You'll first notice an updated top quick actions for commonly used Lists tasks. Lists, too, then become much more mobile friendly via modern mobile browser across devices, and a great experience when navigating Lists via the new SharePoint mobile app.
A new user experience (UX) development framework for SharePoint Online that consists of JavaScript libraries and modern REST endpoints that enable 1st and 3rd party developers to create client-side applications on top of SharePoint sites. These applications use JavaScript templeting framework (e.g. REACT / Angular) and interact with the site through Modern REST APIs to build beautiful experiences such as List Views, Team Site Capabilities (e.g. Video Portal) etc..
Unlock the Webhooks development scenario through the Microsoft Graph. These WebHooks set of APIs allow developers to get notified with changes from SharePoint lists and document libraries in a performant and reliable way.
Skype for Business Mac Client GA.
Phase 3 of PSTN conferencing expansion, planned for June 2016.  Will reach approximately 80 sell to countries and 100 dial-in countries. 
This feature adds support for toll free numbers to Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing.
Free online meetings from Skype for Business that is easy to set up with a personalized meeting URL, helps team collaborate with screen share and is built for business with reliability and encryption.
Smart recommendations to turn on DLP based upon the sensitive information you’re storing in OneDrive and SharePoint.
Lookup or research on Bing with contextually relevant results, directly from your document.
Now you can bring the power of the internet right into your OneNote, easily get more information on a topic with smart lookup
An essential component of regulatory compliance for financial and related industries is the ability to review specific employee communications. We will be introducing a new feature called Supervisory Review that will give organizations the ability to define a subset of employee communications to be reviewed by a group of internal or external auditors. Supervisory Review will include both policy configuration and reviewer tools to perform supervisory review.
Sway will allow users logged in with Office 365 work/school accounts to embed documents and videos from within their Office 365 environment. This includes embeds of videos from Office 365 video as well as documents stored in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint sites, and Office 365 Groups OneDrive for Business sites.
Sway will start providing Sway users with analytics on their Sways, including view counts.
Sway will allow users to copy and paste one or multiple selected cards within the same Sway, or between Sways.
The Sway service will be run out of additional datacenters, improving data resiliency and geographical performance.
Office 365 admins will be able to audit the way Sway is used in their organization. Admins will have visibility into items such as who in their organization has created/edited Sways, who has changed the Share level of a Sway, and more.
Sway will provide additional granular sharing options so users can share with specific individuals
Sway will allow users logged in with Office 365 work/school accounts to upload videos to Sway from their device as well as add videos stored in OneDrive for Business.
Sway will allow Office 365 work/school users to navigate and add content from SharePoint sites within the Insert tab.
Sway will allow Office 365 work/school users to publish to directly from within the app as long as external sharing is enabled for the organization.
Office 365 Planner will support templates. Teams can leverage out of the box templates or create their own for consistent reuse across Plans.
Teams will be able to display and share key milestones on a timeline view.
Unified experience for creating a DLP policy that can apply across Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business
When attaching a locally saved file to an email in Outlook 2016, users will be able to automatically upload the file to OneDrive or OneDrive for Business to share as a cloud attachment. This is the same feature that is available today in Outlook on the web.
Yammer activity data will be integrated and accessible via Office 365 Management APIs.
In order to help get newly created groups off to a successful start, Yammer is introducing a new onboarding experience for group administrators. When setting up a new Yammer group, group admins will be prompted to provide the right context and bring in the right people by writing a description, inviting members, and starting a conversation.
Yammer integration with the Office 365 Group service managed by Azure Active Directory enables standard membership across Office 365.
IT Admins will be able to restrict usage of the Yammer mobile app through an integration with Intune.
Improved on-boarding experience and sign up flow, allowing new users to get connected to their teams and groups in Yammer quickly. Other enhancements include a redesigned site (already completed), new users group discovery and group bulk adding.  
Yammer will leverage Skype's rich audio video communication capabilities.
This will block users from sharing Class Notebooks from inside the Mac and iOS Apps as that breaks the class notebook sharing model. Also we are blocking moving section groups in a Class Notebook as that also breaks the Class Notebook permission model.
As part of the changes Yammer is making to to help users work more effectively in their groups, each Yammer group will show unread inbox conversations from that group. Inbox conversations are considered high priority because they are explicitly addressed to users who have either posted, been at mentioned on, replied to, or followed these messages. By showing inbox messages in each Yammer group, the goal is to make it easier for users to read and respond to their priority messages within the context of their group.
Offering 1TB storage to OneDrive for Business users.
The Office 365 user profile page, aka "About Me," is getting a significant update. First, it will be more user friendly in its overall presentation and how it looks and responds across all devices. This update also introduces a new page authoring tool - that at first will be used to create stories within the company - then expand to enable creation of new types of dynamic pages. These stories and pages are created within the browser and have built-in hooks to add other Office 365 content (like documents from OneDrive for Business, videos from Office 365 Video and images a document library) in a seamless way. Finally, the new "About Me" page will highlight people and people search in a whole new way - from hierarchical views, to showing who people most closely work with, and even a method to send a kudo to a co-worker.
Add external collaborators--such as vendors, partners, and customers--to new conversations, existing conversations, and private messages from your Yammer network. 
You can deploy Solver, Euro Currency, & Analysis ToolPak add-ins in the language of their choice via Click-to-Run.
Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery integrates Equivio machine learning, predictive coding and text analytics capabilities to reduce the costs and challenges that come along with sorting through large quantities of data for eDiscovery purposes.In today’s high volume data environment, the eDiscovery process for any given case could involve sorting through thousands of emails, text messages, instant messages and documents to find the small number of files that are most likely to be relevant.Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery reduces the volume of data by eliminating duplicate files, reconstructing email threads and identifying key themes and data relationships. Finally, it enables predictive coding, allowing users to train the system to intelligently explore and analyze large, unstructured data sets and quickly zero in on what is likely to be relevant.
Office for Android apps now support Android for Work.
Android: Quick Edit of email attachment and quick reply with Outlook
Get started quickly with an easier Sign-in/Sign-up process. The Microsoft Account or Office 365 OrgID already configured on the device is now pre-populated to eliminate manual typing, so you can now sign-in with a tap.
Presenter view is now available in PowerPoint. It lets you show and present your slides like a pro.  View your presentation with speaker notes on your Android phone or tablet, but control what the audience sees when you project to a large screen*. * An Office 365 subscription is required to use this feature
Office 365 navigation will be updated to help you find your apps and services more quickly. The new launcher will expand as you add more services, and will make it easier to access apps like Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online.
Office 365 ProPlus provides thousands of configuration options via Group Policy and the Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run. Now administrators can choose to exclude applications from the Office 365 ProPlus suite, such as Access or InfoPath. Updates to the Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run will enable administrators performing push deployments of Office 365 ProPlus to exclude one or more applications during the initial Office installation, or add/remove applications to an existing installation.
Excel Online will support adding Apps for Office similar to the Excel desktop client.
This feature allows Apps for Office that are opened used in Excel Online APIs to take advantage of the Format.js APIs that are already present in the desktop client capabilities.
Apps for Project Pro for Office 365 will be able to write-back and update the project plan.
Extends archiving support in Office 365 for 3rd-party data such as:Social - Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, LinkedIn, and many moreInstant Messaging - Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, Cisco Jabber, and many moreDocument Collaboration - Box, DropBox, and many moreVerticals - SalesForce Chatter, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, and many moreSMS/Text Messaging - BlackBerry, MobileGuard, and many more
This feature will enable users to define a readable Project ID per Enterprise Project Type. On project creation, the Project ID will be auto generated.  The Project ID can be added to Project Center, Project Detail Pages (PDPs) and in reports.
Automatic relationship detection is now available for everyone using Office 365. When you are building a Data Model PivotTable working with two or more tables with no relationships defined, you get a notification to run Automatic relationship detection. This will detect and create all relationships between the tables that are used for the Data Model PivotTable so that you don’t have to do any of the work yourself. Automatic relationship detection can also be run through the Relationship dialog.
Drilling up and down time groups and other hierarchical levels of your data is a common action in data analysis. This preview makes it easier for you to perform these actions with two new updates. Time groups are now automatically detected and created when you add rows of time fields to your PivotTables. Also, you can now drill up and down your data hierarchies directly from your PivotCharts visualizations, allowing you to explore deeper in your data right from your charts and graphs.
In the Beta release, the AAD Connect wizard provides a guided experience for integrating a single Active Directory forest with Windows Azure Active Directory. In upcoming versions, we plan support multi-forest scenarios.
Azure AD reports will allow you to audit Office 365 user logins and admin actions in your directory such as creation of new users or admins, password resets, deletion of users and other admin actions.  The link to these reports will be available in the Office 365 admin center under auditing.
Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) integration for Click-to-Run installations enables better network traffic management by lowering the download priority for Office updates when other protocols are being used on the desktop.
A board is a representation and collection of content that’s related to a topic. Users can visit and create boards in Delve. Users can add any content that they see in Delve to a new or existing board, get suggestions based on boards they've used recently and see existing boards created by others. Users can follow boards to get updates or share a board with others in their organization who they think the board will be useful for. Boards don’t change permissions, so people will only be able to see content in the board that you already have access to.
Workflow creators in Project Online can bulk update project custom fields with a single service request. Previously, each custom field update required a separate service request. This results in much faster transition between multiple demand management phases.
Resource Managers can benefit from configurable color coded heatmaps to better predict the utilization of   their resource pool in Project Online. These heatmaps will also support seamless drill-down capabilities all the way down to individual resources and their assigned projects.
We are updating the behavior when pasting mixed content (e.g. text and images) into the compose email form in OWA. Depending on the type of mixed content, OWA may only be able to paste one of the two types of content. Previously when this happened, OWA prioritized the image and pasting mixed content would result result in just the image being pasted (with no text). From customer feedback, we are adjusting this behavior to now paste all the text, but leave out the image. The user will have to individually copy in the image separately. We believe this is a better choice when we are unable to paste the entirety of the mixed content, and is also consistent with how other webmail services handle this situation.
We are no longer supporting connecting to LinkedIn within the Microsoft Outlook Social Connector in Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013. Customers who want information about their contacts from LinkedIn should download the LinkedIn for Outlook app from the Office Store. The LinkedIn app is supported in Outlook 2013 & OWA.
We are adding chart elements to Office for iPad: customize charts by adding or removing chart elements such as titles, legends, axis titles and more in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad.
Click-to-Run is a streaming and virtualization technology that makes it very easy to install Office products at scale at big enterprises, thereby putting the latest and greatest Office in the hands of end users quickly. Some gaps such as necessary security updates, bug fixes and meeting compliance requirements have been addressed, making the experience of running Click-to-Run easier.
New features in Office 365 based on the enterprise voice feature set in Lync Server and Skype for Business Server will enable Office 365 customers to eliminate traditional PBX systems for their users.  Customers will be able to either add on PSTN service or leverage existing current PSTN contracts, carrier circuits, and numbers or purchase to make and receive phone calls.Includes traditional calling features including Call hold, history & redial, transfer, forward, call waiting, simultaneous ringing, team calling, delegation, DND routing, tagging and static E-911.  Tenant Administrators will get great reporting including robust call detail records.
We are adding capabilities to help you control some aspects for the mailbox Clutter feature. These include the ability to exclude selection communications from Clutter, enabling items such as corporate communications to bypass the Clutter model. It also adds controls to provide customer controlled sending identity for communications from the Clutter feature, such as controlling the sending name and applying a corporate identity to improve trust in the messages. The round of updates also provides admin controls to assign a specific retention tag for the Clutter folder.
Clutter will become on by default for all users in tenants where the Clutter feature is available. As Clutter becomes on by default, it will introduce an enhanced user experience providing a concise way to stay informed of messages being moved to the Clutter folder. Users will continue to have the option to set their own preference. Additionally a PowerShell cmdlet will be made available to enable administrators to turn off the Clutter feature on behalf of users ahead of Clutter being enabled by default.
The default theme is now “Colorful” (previously, the default theme was “White”). You can always change your theme by going to File   Account  Office Theme.
The Office 365 Compliance Center is one place to manage compliance across Office 365 for your organization. You can define central policies that apply across your data in Office 365, such as preserve policies that keep content in SharePoint and Exchange indefinitely or for a set time period. Links to existing SharePoint and Exchange compliance features bring together the compliance capabilities across Office 365.
Enhanced search capabilities in the Office 365 Compliance Center allow you to search all mailboxes in your
organization, removing previous scale limitations. You can also search all SharePoint and OneDrive for
Business locations without configuring permission on each site and without
providing access to all of the content.
A new search query experience with searchable properties helps you scope your search results. Search on SharePoint properties such as content type, result type, shared with external users, and sensitive information type. Search on Exchange properties such as message type, sender, recipient, external recipients, folders, and domains.
Admins can now select the Office 365 services that send push notifications when there is a service incident. For iOS users, Apple Watch is now supported. Push notifications and their relevant messages can be viewed right from the Apple Watch.
Outlook for Android will sync a user's contacts to the native contacts application on Android devices. This will allow those devices to leverage the contacts for use in the native Contacts, Phone and Messaging apps.
Cortana in Windows 10 will be now able to connect to Office 365 to help you accomplish more at work. You can configure this integration between Cortana and Office 365 through the Office 365 admin center. For more info, please check here.
Visio incorporates Office experience innovations such as dark themes, Delve, Tell Me and High DPI support to accommodate various diagram creation and collaboration needs. in Preview as of Aug 2015
Create and edit comments in your workbooks, when using Excel Mobile for iPad
All customers will now have the capability to create custom themes for their end users. This includes a clickable custom logo and customizable colors for top navigation bar, menu icons and text and the Office 365 logo.
The custom tile feature will provide the capability for an Office 365 tenant admin to quickly create an app tile from any public website, intranet or team site and push it to the my apps page of all users within their tenant. Users will then be able to add this app to their app launcher for quick access to a top site for their organization.
A new SharePoint Online admin center feature that allows admins the ability to show or hide "Newsfeed/Yammer," "Sites" and "OneDrive for Business" for their users' Office 365 navigation bar experience.
This new theme is designed to provide users with visual impairments who find overly bright displays unusable, with a more visually subtle background to work with in the apps.
Dark theme improves the accessibility and readability of Outlook 2016 on overly bright displays by adding a full dark theme.
Improved data entry and navigation for Excel for iPad, using both the hardware and formula keyboard with support for edit, enter, and point modes.
Data loss prevention for SharePoint Online will help to identify sensitive data stored in SharePoint content libraries. With this capability, you will be able to perform eDiscovery searches for sensitive content in these SharePoint libraries. Sensitive content detections will be stamped/available in the FAST index for query and integration with search and classification results can be easily exported.
Data Loss Prevention in Office 365 provides more than 50 Sensitive information types that you use out of the box. We will be expanding on this list with some more new sensitive information types.
Data Loss Protection (DLP) is a high-value enterprise feature that is well loved in Outlook. We are introducing DLP in Excel, PowerPoint and Word to enable real time scan of content based on a set of predefined policies for the most common sensitive data types (e.g., credit card number, social security number, and US bank account number). This capability will enable the synchronization of DLP policies from Office 365 in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, and provide organizations with unified policies across content stored in Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. One additional benefit of DLP is the ability it affords IT administrators to have some oversight and help end-users in their organizations better and more knowledgeably manage sensitive information.
The Clutter feature is a separate folder where lower priority email appear. These items are removed from the standard inbox view so that the user can focus on the higher priority messages in the inbox.
Enabled Office 365 Commercial customers can defer regular feature updates while only receiving monthly security patches, allowing time for testing and validation against critical line-of-business apps, add-ins and macros.  This update approach is called Current Branch for Business and will deliver feature updates and bug fixes a few times a year.
Delve (Codename Oslo) is the first experience to use the power of the Office Graph. Delve is a new way to search and discover content across Office 365 based on personalized insights. Delve will be available as a Windows 8 app, on mobile devices, and integrated in the Office 365 web experience. Office Graph is an underlying technology and a suite-wide intelligence fabric that will help you discover content and make new connections. The Office Graph analyzes signals and applies machine learning. Personalized insights are built up for each user, based on their behavior, their relationships to content, topics and one another. Content and signals are captured from Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Yammer.
When searching for email in a mailbox connected to Office 365 or Exchange 2016, Outlook 2016 will show pictures from the company directory for any users surfaced in the search suggestions.
Office 365 customers who use federated sign-in can now use DirSync with password hash sync as a backup in case there is a failure with any part of the on-premises identity provider. In case of failure you can reconfigure the Azure AD tenant from federated to standard in a matter of hours to enable sign-in.
Office 365 customers who use federated sign-in can now use DirSync with password hash sync as a backup in case there is a failure with any part of the on-premises identity provider. In case of failure you can reconfigure the Azure AD tenant from federated to standard in a matter of hours to enable sign-in.
Admins will be able to block users from syncing their OneDrive for Business files to unmanaged PC's (PC's that are not domain-joined).
Exchange Online Protection will begin supporting outbound validation of Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM; see DomainKeys Identified Mail Signatures). DKIM is a method of validating a digitally signed message that appears in theDKIM-Signature header in the message headers. It ties an email message to the organization responsible for the message.
Exchange Online Protection will begin supporting outbound validation of Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM; see DomainKeys Identified Mail Signatures). DKIM is a method of validating a digitally signed message that appears in the DKIM-Signature header in the message headers. It ties an email message to the organization responsible for the message.
We are enabling the detection of Windows FCI content classifications for Office documents in Exchange Online. This includes the full range of FCI content classifications, from automatic to manual content tagging. For example, you will be able to create an Exchange transport rule (ETR) that is able to detect the FCI classified Office document as Protected Health Information, and apply appropriate action to prevent disclosure.Support for Same feature in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business will be included in DLP in SPO rollout
(Now in Private preview, with public preview targeted for Sep 2015) DLP in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business policy management will allow admins to create policies and take action if a sensitive document is detected. In addition, DLP in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business reports will allow admins to understand what DLP policies and rules matched within their organization.
DMARC support will be added to EOP service
Enhanced document collaboration in Outlook Web App allows a user to open a document from email and edit the document side-by-side with the original conversation using the Office Web Apps. The user can then reply to the original conversation with an edited version of the document automatically attached to the response. The document can either be physically attached to the original email or stored in OneDrive for Business.
Document deletion policies for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online will allow the ability to easily delete documents by creating policies which can be assigned to site collection templates, individual site
collections, and OneDrive for Business.
Now Business Intelligence features are much easier to find in your Excel experience. If you’re using one of the BI feature (Power View, Power Pivot or Power Map) the rest will be turned on automatically for you. You can also turn on all the BI Features by going to Excel under File Options Advanced Turn on data analysis features, instead of File Options Add-Ins Manage “Com Add-ins” Go, which makes everything less time consuming
You can now search a maximum of 10,000 mailboxes and an unlimited number of SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business sites in a single eDiscovery search query. However, if you specify the specific sites to search, the limit is 100 sites.
The new edit profile details page experience will be available for Office 365 users via the portal web experience. You can access the new  experience via the gear in the top right of the navigation bar Office 365 settings Me. The new experience will include additional features including updated web design while in edit mode, responsive page layout on smaller devices, and quick link to change your profile photo.
The ability to set-up automatic email reminders for meetings and other calendar events in Outlook Web App.
Play your favorite YouTube, Vimeo, or Office Mix videos in OneNote! Paste the link into a note, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show.
End users can access their quarantined messages directly and release messages to their inbox. Previously, only admins had this capability.
Maintain a single identity for Office 365 for easier management, while providing a consistent login experience for users just like any other Office 365 service. Using Office 365 identity, and choosing a federated identity for Office 365, means that your users can use single sign-on to access Yammer.
Bulk mail admin UI that enables admins to treat bulk as spam based on BCL values. This will allow different bulk mails to be treated differently based on the level of bulk spam confidence
Mail protection reports will include a more interactive reporting experience for Exchange Online and Exchange Online Protection admins. For e.g. when you click a report link, a new window opens and displays an interactive chart with summary level information. In addition, When you click a point on any report chart that is older than 7 days, a link to request an extended detailed report appears. When you create an extended report from a chart, you can specify the information you want and whether you want to be notified when the report is completed. You can further view the status of your extended report requests on the pending or completed queries page.
Over the next several months NDRs generated by Office 365 will be enhanced to make it easier to understand and fix many message delivery problems. To start, they'll look better, friendlier, less intimidating to end-users. They'll explain the problem and cause in simple, everyday language, with clear steps the sender can take to try to fix the problem. Enhanced NDRs will include an "at-a-glance" delivery status graphic that summarizes the cause of the problem and where it needs to be fixed (sender side, recipient side, or by Microsoft support
engineers). A "More Info for Email Admins" section will provide an in-depth explanation of the problem and solution, and will include expanded technical details, often with a link to a Web-based article for in-depth information. And while the original message headers, in their mono-spaced typeface and primitively word-wrapped magnificence, will still appear at the bottom of the NDR, we'll also expose them in a formatted table, making it
easier to follow the message's server to server hop path and more quickly spot problems between hops.
Yammer offers all customers a Data Processing Agreement with the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses for data processors, known commonly as the “EU Model Clauses,” through the Microsoft Online Services Terms (OST). Additionally, the standard HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (HIPAA BAA) for Microsoft enterprise online services is now available for Yammer customers.
Events from email will take information from confirmation emails for a flight from a supported provider and automatically put it into your calendar, showing the most relevant information, automatically bloking the flight time, and setting a 3 hour reminder.
The speed of eDiscovery search queries against large numbers of mailboxes is improved by 10x and the reliability of these searches has also been improved. This allows the 5,000 mailboxes in a single query limit to be increased to 10,000.
Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection is a new filtering service that provides protection against sophisticated attacks with new capabilities such as Safe attachments and Safe Links. More details can be found at
The security mechanism that changes the message filter verdict and moves an unread email message after it has been delivered as appropriate. For example, if a message is delivered to your inbox and later found to be spam, Zero-hour Auto Purge moves that message from the inbox to the spam folder; the reverse is true for messages misclassified as spam. 
The limit of Exchange Online Public Folder count will be increased from 10,000 folders to 100,000 total folders. Full hierarchy sync has been improved to the point where it can scale linearly as folder count grows within the environment. There have also been storage optimizations which will provide better performance when accessing public folders.
The new Exchange Transport Rule Generate Recipient Notification action can be used to send a custom email notification to message recipients when a message matches the conditions of a transport rule.
ExpressRoute for Office 365 allows Office 365 customers to establish a private managed connection between their network and Microsoft datacenters. Customers can get premium connectivity that is like having an on-premises datacenter and enjoy the benefits of predictable performance and guaranteed availability from a single networking agreement with one service provider. ExpressRoute for Office 365 is planned to be generally available in the third quarter 2015.
External collaboration settings have been consolidated into one place in the Office 365 Admin Center for admins to enable the access of their SharePoint sites and Exchange calendars with external organizations. In addition, admins can also enable their users to communicate with people outside of their organization using Lync.
FastTrack Center will offer data migration services from Google Drive as a new benefit provided by the FTC. Migration of your data in Google Drive to OneDrive for Business will be offered. The details of the scope detailed in the FastTrack Center Benefit Process description.
FastTrack Center is expanding the capabilities enabled as part of the onboarding service for Skype for Business to enable the new services. This includes onboarding guidance for PSTN Conferencing, Cloud PBX, Skype Meeting Broadcast, and PSTN Calling Plans (limited to US only). The details of these expanded onboarding benefits will be available in the FastTrack Center service benefit description.
New FastTrack Center onboarding for the Enterprise Mobility Suite workload of Azure Right Management (Azure RMS). FastTrack Center will begin offering Azure RMS as a workload covered by the FTC. All existing eligibility requirements will be maintained.
FastTrack Center will offer data migration services from on-premises file shares as a new benefit provided by the FTC. Migration of your file share data to OneDrive for Business will be offered.
FastTrack Center will offer data migration services from on-premises file shares as a new benefit provided by the FTC. Migration of your file share data to SharePoint Online Team Sites will be offered. The details of the scope are under development at this time, additional details will be provided in future updates.
FastTrack Center remote services will be available to customers with 50 or more seats of eligible Office 365 products. This change reduces the seat requirement from 150, making the FastTrack Center available to more customers. FastTrack Center assistance will be requested by the customer via the in-product request option or via the FastTrack site for the newly eligible customers with less than 150 seats.
FastTrack Center onboarding support for Intune MDM-less MAM. FastTrack eligibility requirements remain consistent. The details of these expanded onboarding benefits will be available in the FastTrack Center service benefit description.
FastTrack Center (FTC) will offer upgrade assistance to help existing Office 365 ProPlus customers upgrade to the Office 2016 version. The activities will add to the existing onboarding activities already offered by the FastTrack Center. Activities will include remote assistance and tooling automation to ensure a smooth upgrade. These capabilities are planned to be added to FastTrack Center benefits and will be subject to the FastTrack eligibility requirements.
New FastTrack Center onboarding for the Office 365 workload of Project Online. FastTrack Center will begin offering Project Online as a workload covered by the FTC. All existing eligibility requirements will be maintained.
FastTrack for Office 365 will provide a new customer success service. The service will help you discover Office 365 and plan for a successful rollout. You can collaborate with partner and Microsoft teams to help you evaluate, onboard, and drive adoption of Office 365. You will engage with service via the Microsoft FastTrack portal.
You can request help to setup Office 365 directly from the admin center. Every new customer with an eligible purchase of Office 365 over 150 seats is entitled to email migration and remote onboarding provided by a regional Microsoft FastTrack Center. You can now start the engagement with the FastTrack Center from your Office 365 admin center.
Updates include:- Auto-Save: We save your changes as you go, but you’re still in control. You can turn it off if you want.- Version History: All is not lost! Go back to view or restore an earlier version of your presentation.- Collaborative Authoring (for Word and PPT): Work with others at the same time on your presentations.- Fill Handles (for Excel): Automatically fill a range of cells by dragging a Fill handle.
Updates include:- Box works with Office: Your file storage options are growing! Now store and access your Office files on Box.- Discover More Office Apps: Word, Excel and PowerPoint now make it easy for you to discover and quickly install all the Office apps available for your device.- Save Your Slideshow Annotations (for PPT): Now keep the annotations and drawings you create during slideshow and presenter view.
Updates include:- Annotate with ink (for tablet only): Use your pen or finger to write, draw, and highlight with the tools on the new Draw tab.- Pin files to start: Pin your favorite files to the Start menu to keep them handy.- Convert a table to a range (for Excel): Work with your data the way you want. Easily convert a table into plain rows and columns when you need more flexibility and customization.- Grouping and outlines (for Excel): Get to the right level of detail. Now you can expand or collapse grouped rows and columns.
Office 365 continuously delivers product innovations – like new email or collaboration capabilities – as they become available. To help you best manage how you embrace new feature updates to your Office 365 subscription, we give you the choice to either follow our Standard Release process or opted into the First Release program for a select set of significant updates to the service. First Release includes a selection of enhancements to the Office 365 user experience for SharePoint Online and Exchange Online. Tenants that opt into First Release will receive new qualifying feature update a minimum of two weeks before customers on Standard Release.
Based on your feedback we’re adding a new “Select people” option to First Release.  With this newly added option, you can select a set of users to participate in First Release. These users will receive updates before the rest of your organization, giving you time to prepare for changes. Additionally, First Release originally offered a selection of feature experiences for customers wanting early access to Office 365 updates. We started with new experiences, including Office Delve, Office 365 Video, Office 365 Groups and the app launcher.  While having faster access to these new capabilities has been beneficial, you have asked us to roll out more changes through First Release. Starting with Exchange Online, we are delivering more changes to First Release customers before going to the rest of Office 365 customers.
First Release for Current Branch; First Release for Current Branch for Business are two new builds of the Office client that are released each month so that admins can have a preview build of the Current Branch and Current Branch for Business to test and prepare for changes before they are rolled out broadly in their organization
SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business are adding support for First Release Select People, which exists currently for Exchange and Office 365 suite UI.  This means that users with First Release Select People enabled will now get many SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business updates before they roll out to standard release.
When a customer first downloads and begins to use Office for iPad there will be more prompts to guide them along their first run experience.
With Format Background you can choose to change your slide background to a solid color or to a picture that is saved on your computer. After you format the background of your slide, you can use the Apply to All option to apply the background of the current slide to all the other slides in your presentation.
Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) can now be added directly from your Office 365 Admin Center. Over 1,300 new gTLDs are now supported.
Visio diagramming can be   intimidating for someone who is new to Visio and not used to the rich set of   tools offered. The Getting Started experience now makes the Visio canvas more   inviting by providing a select set of pre-crafted starter diagrams which will   help the users in some of the very core scenarios for that template. In   addition, there are some tips provided with the diagram which help the users   in editing and completing their diagram creation experience. Using Visio is   easier than ever.
Group Search allows users to search for conversations and content within a specific Yammer group, directly from the group's description box.
Yammer's Group Updates feed provides a simple workflow through relevant group content to help users catch up on urgent conversations and discover what others are working on. Users can navigate easily between the feed and their groups, as well as join groups they’re not already a part of, from the feed itself. We'll also be giving users quick access to individual messages via a dedicated Direct Messages section. Together, the Group Updates feed and Direct Messages replace the existing Inbox which did not break out group and individual content.The Group Updates feed and Direct Messages will come to Android first with iOS following shortly after.
Groups is a cross-suite experience unifying people, conversations, calendars, and content across Office 365, enabling seamless collaboration across applications. Rolling out first to Outlook Web App and OneDrive for Business. Creating a Group in Office 365 will automatically provision a conversation feed, calendar, and file storage so members can easily collaborate with each other. Groups are open by default but can be made private if necessary, enhancing discoverability and sharing.
Higher DPI support for 250% and 300% so that your Office documents look great on larger screens.
Outlook used to download a month of email on smaller devices. Outlook 2016 includes an improved sync slider to control how much data is synced to the device, with additional values including 3 days, 7 days, 14 days.
We made Yammer threads more visually appealing and easier to navigate in the form of expanding cards for our Yammer apps for iOS and Android.
Through effective use of demand management workflows in Project Online, you can decouple project site creation from project publishing. This results in Project advancing to the next stage in the workflow much faster.
Viewing and editing your profile on Yammer apps for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) gets a revamped experience. Now you have consistent profile functionality across these devices, optimized carefully to provide a natural experience that is true to the essence of each mobile OS.
Currently Exchange Online users maximum message size is hard coded to 35MB Send, 36MB Receive (with 25MB shown as published default).  This feature will allow a tenant administrator to allow customized maximum message size settings between 1mb and 150mb for a single mailbox, multiple mailboxes, and the default for new mailboxes.
By default, the recoverable items quota is set to 30 GB for all users. We are now increasing the Recoverable Items Quota to 100 GB for all users placed on In-Place Hold or Litigation Hold.
Visio files now offers Information Rights Management (IRM) features, which provide persistent online and offline protection of e-mail messages and attachments, documents and diagrams. Now you can protect sensitive information such as confidential product information, financial and sales process visuals, research and patent information and customer or employee data that live in Visio diagrams. Because people can now access their files from just about anywhere, large amounts of potentially sensitive information can suffer from information leakage can be a serious threat to organizations. To help prevent information leakage, protect your Visio diagrams with the new Information Rights Management (IRM) features.
When an admin opens a Support Request, the system will check to see if there are any related service incidents.  If so, it will share the Service Health Dashboard messaging and advise admin on current status.
Updates include:- Funnel Chart- New Functions to Enable Shorter Formulas- Easier Lookups- Autocomplete Support for Functions Containing the Search String- Send as Attachment
Updates include:- Funnel Chart- New Functions to Enable Shorter Formulas- Support Loading Files that Contain Watch Window or Range Protection- Zoom to a Specific Percentage- Display Zoom Value in Tooltip While Zooming- Zoom While Editing Cells- Annotate with Ink
JSON Light is a new MSOData serialization format that minimizes the metadata, and therefore total bytes, sent in a response to SharePoint's REST services. This is based on the OData 3 standard.
Previously blocked keyboarding scenarios in Excel for features like Pivot Tables and Slicers are now accessible, providing a more robust Excel feature set for all.
Now enjoy easy access to the Visio Shape Panel using your keyboard. F6 cycles into the shape panel, TAB cycles through the different sections of the shape panel. Arrow keys allow users to navigate between the individual elements. Ctrl + TAB will allow users to quickly switch between STENCILS and SEARCH views.
Searching in Outlook 2016 now leverages Office 365 and Exchange Server for simpler and more effective search. Outlook now provides Keyword & People suggestions as you type and surfaces up recent search queries.
New Learning Tools from OneNote will help individuals with learning needs be able to use the product better and help them in education settings; including improved ability to read
In First Release now as of September. Likes is a new feature coming to Outlook on the web for Exchange Online business users.  Likes provides an easy solution to endorse a specific message within your inbox by clicking on the "thumbs up" icon within the message.  If a user "likes" your message, you are provided an alert and the history of "likes" is retained in the email message thread.
This update adds new two features; Media Resiliency and Conversation History, as well as additional support for Apple OS X Yosemite.
Lync for Mac now supports Enhanced 911 (E911) functionality with location awareness. Additional improvements for the user experience included dynamic selection of a video camera while in a meeting and better file/picture transfer in IM and desktop sharing
Lync Mobile brings Gallery View to the iPad for you to enjoy the full Lync Meeting experience while conferencing with more than one person. The Gallery View supports up to four live video streams and can be seen both in landscape and portrait orientation.
In this new release, we include guest join, Certificate & Passive Authentication, Contact management and some significant performance enhancements and bug fixes.