FastTrack helps you discover what's possible, plan for successful rollouts, and onboard new users and capabilities at your own pace.

Learn more about how FastTrack tools, resources, and guidance can help you get the most from your Microsoft Cloud investments.

FastTrack engagement is delivered remotely, through a set of time zone-based FastTrack engineers and architects, who are part of the broader Dynamics engineering organization. The service is delivered largely through the following set of interaction types:

  • Technical Talks: Customized technical briefings on a select set of topics, designed to help the customer optimize the value from the solution, as well as address commonly asked questions. At launch, customers can choose from a menu of services that includes: Data Migration, Getting the Most Out of Dynamics 365, Solution Development, Tenant Administration and Operational, Application Lifecycle Management, and Federation and Performance Optimization Services.
  • Workshops: Highly interactive workshops, focused on the unique customer context, aimed at providing design and architectural guidance when and where needed.
  • Weekly team “touchpoint” meetings that are designed to check in on the customer (and partner) proactively to address any reactive concerns and questions. This interaction is designed to keep the customer “unblocked” during implementation so they can realize the value from the solution as quickly as possible.

We have limited capacity as we launch these services and want to ensure a quality experience. As such we will work with the regional Microsoft leads to gain additional insight, should we have to limit qualified customer inclusion.

FastTrack will help get our mutual customer onboarded to Dynamics 365 more quickly which will increase sales velocity and customer satisfaction, and open the door for partners to provide more high-value services. There are many onboarding tasks that are not covered through FastTrack that create opportunity for higher-value partner service offerings. In addition, any FastTrack customer that is not already working with a partner will be offered the opportunity to be connected to a qualified partner to assist with onboarding and adoption of Dynamics 365. When a partner is already present in the account, the FastTrack team will work with that partner.

English, today. As the program evolves we will evaluate adding additional languages.