This customer success service is designed to help you move to Dynamics smoothly. We want you to be able to make that transition with confidence. And we understand how important it is to deliver business value faster. This is why we have created FastTrack for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This is a set of best practices, tools, resources, and experts committed to make the experience with Dynamics a success.

1. Envision

Build the team, define the vision, identify and prioritize scenarios, map Dynamics capabilities to the unique needs of your business, set success metrics, and develop a personalized project plan with key stakeholders, partners, and Microsoft professionals.

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2. Onboard

Confidently onboard your users and capabilities with remote assistance from experts committed to guiding you and your systems integration partner.

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3. Drive Value

Realize your intended business value sooner with resources available to help your team and partner drive user adoption across your organization.

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